“The best singing class or seminar I’ve ever taken!”
–Jill Saberman

“So patient and encouraging!
I had damaged my singing voice and now I can sing again!”
–Nicole Rude

“You not only produce what you’re teaching but you clearly communicate how to sing in a way that people can use it!  Where’s the book?”
–Josh Baumrind

Whether you are an absolute beginner or an aspiring musician, Janak Ramachandran is one of the most well-regarded music teachers in Northern California. Janak is the 2010 recipient of the Outstanding Teaching Award for his near decade of service at the Blue Bear School of Music, the largest music school of its kind in Northern California.

To take a music lesson, email Janak

He teaches voice, guitar, bass, piano, songwriting/music theory, and stage performance for singers, actors, and musicians. He is dynamically articulate, patiently encouraging, and genuinely friendly in his teaching approach toward beginning or advanced students and is passionately dedicated to coaching you to your personal music goals!

Whether you want to expand your vocal range and ability, sing and play guitar or bass together, or unleash the rock vocal performer inside you, Janak can expertly guide you from tone-deaf or butter fingers to successful gigging! To book a lesson, email Janak.