Voice Lessons

A coach for the rock star in you! Whether you are an experienced gigging artist getting ready to record in the studio or a beginning singer who thinks you were hopelessly fated to off-key squeakings, a coach for the rock star in you is the stepping stone to your next level!

For the advanced artist, I specialize not only in vocal production technique to maximize your best tone but stylistic coaching to impart the emotional flavor, whether raw or refined, that will move your audience…for those earlier in their singing journey, I bring concrete guidance mixed with motivating encouragement to guide you further down your musical road to an improved voice and/or next performances.

“The techniques are like magic! Incredible!”
–Tom Jagger

“Such wonderful energy!”
–Julie Clark

“The best class or seminar I’ve ever taken!”
–Jill Saberman

“Janak is so articulate!”
–Heather McPherson

“So patient and encouraging!
I had damaged my singing voice and now I can sing again!”
–Nicole Rude

“You not only produce what you’re teaching but you clearly communicate it in a way that people can use it! Where’s the book?”
–Josh Baumrind

To take a music lesson call 510-812-9591 or email Janak.